Thursday, August 26, 2004

Word of the day: Paranoia!

Nice bit of mental instability from Bernadette Malone of the Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News. Hot much time for a commentary today (interview this mrning/early, afternoon rehearsal this evening. So I'll let Bernie speak for her addled little self...

"Prostitutes with AIDS plan to seduce Republican visitors, and discourage the use of condoms, according to liberal journalist Ted Rall" says the, lets charitably say, confused Malone (alright - lets get Al Franken on her and come right out - she's lying.)

In his column that veers between the tongue in cheek [1] and the outright (and rightly) vexed[2], Rall's column actually says "Rumor has it that prostitutes suffering from sexually transmitted diseases will discourage the use of condoms with Republican customers." Tongue in cheek or "Kidding on the square" [3], you decide, (and don't let the fact he's a Yank throw you off the scent. I know what you're thinking you condescending limey bastards!) So the disingenuous[4] Malone makes a throwaway comment about an alleged rumour sound like an outright death threat... Nice!

Still, the Republican National Congress is taking it seriously enough to point visitors to its website thataway ("...protesters supporting John Kerry...")

[1]"Like the hapless saps whose blood they sent to be spilled into Middle Eastern sands, they will be given intentionally incorrect directions to nonexistent places. Objects will be thrown in their direction. Children will call them obscene names.
They will not be greeted as liberators."

[2]"But White House strategist Karl Rove sees the continued exploitation of 9/11 for partisan political gain as Bush's key to victory in November. That means bringing the big bash three miles north of the hole where the Twin Towers used to stand, where most of the victims of 9/11 were burned, suffocated, impaled and pulverized. "

[3] See Al, it's working...[5]

[4]Slippery bitch

[5]See Al Franken's Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them for the origin of this wonderful coinage!

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