Saturday, August 07, 2004

License to print money...

I know the Bush administration has been a licence to print money for some (Ken Lay, the shareholders of Halliburton, the makers of SUVs...) but the Bush 200 clam note?

In September 2003, enterprising Michael Harris was arrested for trying to pass a phony, (not yet) "dead president". The 200 dollar bill, with (recto) fetching portrait of 'dubya' and (verso) a landscape of 1600 Pennsylvania ave, decorated with placards approbating (inter alia) ice-cream, broccoli and tax cuts.

Better still, on 6/9/2003 an identical bill was used and accepted at a convenience store at Roanoke Rapids. Fair is fair though, the canny counterfeiter strolled off with a $50 bill featuring another southern drunk, Ulysses S. Grant, as his change.

Image from TSG.

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