Friday, September 10, 2004

Fame at last

So Tabby-Looking Cat (Dynamic duo Spud and myself, stage persona:"Marv") Played our debut a few weeks ago at the deliciously decadent and prettily pretentious Salon Pachyderm (which also featured the music of Padama, the literature of the polyvalent Ms Kathleen Kiirik Bryson and a film by the spectacular Dr Stumpf

Well now we go "pro". The funky Downbeat Nick has touched us and touched us good! October the 10th sees us support Zeff & Sulk, for a night of all original acoustic indie. Come cheer us on: If you don't like the music, the beer's great!

Two new choons - both festive in nature (quite a departure from the band who brought you such feelgood favourites as "Masochistic Me" and "Second Skin") - will get their global debut too. A momentous occasion all around!

Don't mind Colin, he's from Barcelona

Build a better Bush. Try "bad hair dye" and "mustached". You'll see who I mean...

Don't mention the war!

(Not that I'm suggesting the funny but litigious John Clease dyes his hair or is a corrupt, totalitarian, war mongering despot, for a minute)

Monday, September 06, 2004

UCL tougher than "wimpy" LSE

See Zappomatic's post from01/09/04.

We rule! (Alright - the Bartlett rules!)

Swift boat veterans for what now?

The Smoking Gun carries highly complementary reports by literarily named George Elliott who served with Kerry in 'nam. A certain George Elliot is now a key member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the group behind the anti-Kerry TV commercial casting doubt on Kerry's war service. The same Elliot that recommended Kerry for a Bronze Star in 1969? Why yes it is...

I write you confidentially

My work email's finally been "Nigerian"-ed

Message from
Reply to

Address scrapers, come forth and avenge me with offers of cut price viagra and hot teens to the inbox of this loathsome spammer!

The bank my new "friend" works for is apparently Allstates trust. Question for UCLCS readers (erm, that'd be Martin & David then): Is JJ moonlighting - we should be told!