Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Can You Name The 53 States?

As seen on the Smoking Gun (thank heavens for the US FIA - can we have one here please?)

Apparently private schools in the US aren't necessarily any better than comprehensive schools over here. The "California Alternative High School" provided, until its recent closure, a 10 week, self taught course with accompanying workbook for only $1450. Said workbook contains the following gems:

- WWII took place between 1938-1942
- a section on "matemathics" (sic)
- a reference to noted philosopher "Aristotale"
- the question "What does H "o" 2 stand for in science?"
- the question "Is the earth flat or round?" (at least they got the right answer to this one...)
- "Why we scream when we argue with someone?" (Why I scream when I read this "textbook")
- and the slightly bizarre table:

"1960 - Drugs babies
1970 - Swallowing goldfish/streaking
1980 - Babies having babies
1990 - Crack babies"

I had no idea that swallowing goldfish was ever such a pressing social issue! I guess it's the bad influence of The Regurgitator

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Anonymous said...

Yes if you are dumb enough to go to an unaccredited 'high school' whose only speciality is exploiting immigrants.

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