Monday, August 23, 2004

No, I will not fix your computer....

The problem, any CSer/IT bod will tell you is being roped into fixing people's computers. I've had this happen on so many occasions (including a Dr Elizabeth Corday of the motherboard, St Jude of the PC, raising of Lasarus of the desktop, miracle at 4am, new year's day 2001) , that I decided to get me one of these.

I have however decided to make this my manual. That'll learn 'em. I shall also be Kevorkianing the PC of the next person who says I can't be a geek because I lack a "y" chromosome... you know who you are: Be warned!


Martin Sewell said...

But you are a girl geek.

*runs away*

Anonymous said...

geekiness and glamour are not mutually exclusive! NC

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