Friday, August 06, 2004

Random Happiness

A bandstand full of French chaps in boiler suits. French chaps in boiler suits playing music that defies definition. Playing with an energy that shakes an irreverent fist at the searing August evening's heat.

A bandstand that moves. Playing pied piper with besuited, uptight, Waterloo commuters and casual, curious tourists alike. A bandstand that explodes as something not quite klezmer, not quite jazz, not quite ska and not quite french folk is unleashed.

A bandstand that hurls thousands of red petals and rainbow streamers in the air against the flat, concrete planes of the National Theatre. Red petals and rainbow streamers that hover for minutes in the freak updraft warm air from hot pavements, turning against a turquoise sky.

A random, surreal, serendipitous moment on the way home after a hard day.

Exploding bandstands. From the Zic Zazou website  Posted by Hello

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