Thursday, August 05, 2004

My life - Piled Higher and Deeper

Well, the money runs out in November, the ideas ran out last week and my enthusiasm has been MIA for months. I must be nearly finished?

Ah yes, the PhD process. One more crack about it being "worth it in the end" and I think I'll be forced to hit someone. Still, it's not as bad as when this happens.

I have felt like this so often that I think i deserve this

Still, at least I still have a chance of finishing before Martin - so when my birthday rolls around (the big 30) there's a change I can console myself like this


Martin Sewell said...

Welcome! Tradition dictates that one's first post should be a tentative "Hello, world!" (for friendless geeks) or "Hello, mum!" (for friendless non-geeks). Even my second post evidenced my blogging (and general) inadequacies which were to become even more apparent as my blog failed to mature.

I recommended starting a blog, not because it was a good idea, but because it meant that I'd feel less guilty. Now, who can I rely on for linkage? I need friends in the real world.

Auntie Em said...

Ah martin - I learnt from the best. I watched, I lurked, I waited, reading web-frog every[1] day. Ablated penises, spermicidal maniac doctors and public relationship grievance airing. "Aha!", thought I, "so this is a blog!".

Sadly, instead, I have decided to go down the route of "typo-ridden pretension" instead - like the world needs more.


[1]I a torured semantics where "every" implies "not every"

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