Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The following raises "arguing over the thermostat" to a whole new level:

Salutary lesson: some people can't even agree about the office microwave. I think team cheese-and-pickle should be president of the international treaty alliance on geoengineering.


DavidC said...

I hope that one day, everyone will be able to control the climate in a 10-12 foot radius around them.

In the meantime, this other excellent TED talk is about cities and growth and well worth a look.
From their blurb:
"Life in the mid-21st century," Kunstler says, "is going to be about living locally." Passionate, profane and funny, this talk will make you think about the place where you live.

Anonymous said...

Ah - he's a good speaker! A nice addition to the ideas here is presented by Richard Sennett in The Fall of Public Man which focuses on why people have retreated from public life. It's more an exposition of his thesis than hard core evidence but very interesting and he is an esteemed urban sociologist

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