Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An open apology to @Glinner...

Well yesterday was a fun news cycle, wasn't it? What with Nadine Dorries deciding that young girls (only ever girls, apparently) are sexually abused because they just don't know how to say 'no'. *mouthretch*

And, it seems, that DSK appears to have past form but has been pandered to for years. One complainant's mother persuaded her not to press charges because DSK was a friend of the family and an important figure in French politics. *double mouth retch*

A triggery day indeed.

So my twitter feed was mainly full of Dorries rage as I bashed out retweet after retweet about the first story. I was feeling angry and heartsick and a little like I was turning into a cartoon screaming harpy.

Then I saw a tweet from the hugely talented Graham Linehan about the DSK story and I replied with a link to the Guardian piece (linked above) which he retweeted with outraged capslock.

Hard on the heels of my "I'm turning into a screaming harpy" moment, I worried that it looked like I assumed @Glinner was making the exact opposite point to the one he was making. So as I cleaned my teeth (always a great time to try to make yourself understood) I shot off two replies and a tweet:

And off I pop, merrily to bed.

I woke this morning to two replies from @Glinner:

Oh no. Oh no no no. Have I upset @Glinner? I replied saying " It's fine! I took it as one of those pub conversations full of vehement agreement & I appreciate your vehemence on this awful story."

To which @Glinner replied saying, "Yes but I wouldn't yell at someone in a pub either..."

At which point my heart sank. I'm so sorry, Graham. In the unlikely event that you ever read this I want to say that you seem like a thoroughly thoughtful and civilised person. I never thought you were shouting at me (despite the way I phrased it) and I'm sorry if yet another conversation with a random on Twitter has left you feeling a bit deflated with the state of the human race. Please never, ever, ever stop showing your outrage at outrageous things. And keep making the splendid telly.

Thank you.

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