Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The G20 Climate Camp

After following the G20 news on Twitter most of the day I decided to stop off in the city to check out the Climate Camp.

It was a peaceful, relaxed and cheery affair. There was a heavy and visible police presence, though they were largely good humoured. One or two even consented to be hugged by some of the protesters. I'm sure I even saw one smile.

It was heartening to see charities, churches, trade unions and other random people come together for the cause of getting climate change back on the agenda.

St Ethelburger's in the City, in the middle of the climate camp, shows its support

Just outside the riot police were massing:

It seems they were just waiting for the working day to be over, and interested bystanders and lightweight participants like me to have left the area. Twitter is abuzz with news that what was an entirely peaceful and well-run camp, with tents, a compost loo, a commissary and a medical station has been overrun by the riot police in a little under a few minutes.


I should have known that violence-junkies like this never go disappointed:


I underestimated the resolve of the campers. They have refused to be provoked, and through the twin powers of peaceful resistance amd samba music they are holding firm for now. Wish them luck.

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