Friday, May 02, 2008

Auntie Em eats the fruit (veg) of her labours

Today I made my own lunch:

This is a radish from my balcony allotment. See how pretty it looks in my salad:

Sadly the rest of the salad was bought, but my balcony allotment is coming on:

The closest windowbox has carrots and radishes galore - or will do in a couple of weeks. The furthest one has two squash seedlings, two courgette seedlings, some nasturtiums and some rocket. The big wooden box is my wormery, courtesy of Southwark Council, St Mungos and CRISP. On top is my propagator, in which I'm nurturing some staggeringly vigorous tomato seedlings and various herbs. Behind is an Ikea step stool I used to use on the boat to get down into the galley, treated with leftover paint and yacht varnish (also from my canal days), which I'm using as a potting bench/two level plant stand.

It's a wee bit smaller than Green Butterfingers (of whose allotment I am significantly jealous), but it's not bad for the world's most useless balcony (26' long and 9" wide).


Green Butterfingers said...

Very nice balcony garden!

I'm curious to see where you are going to put the zucchini and squashes - unless they are dwarf varieties they may take over the whole lot.

And what is the speed of a falling trowel from a balcony? It's like watching the start of an episode of "Casualty"...


Auntie Em said...

Thankfully they are dwarf varieties - and my trowels are plastic. Ah the perils of high rise life!

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