Monday, April 28, 2008

For my next trick...

I am going to learn how to do needlework/quilting/appliqué so I can make myself a wall hanging of the stunning "Structure of the Mammalian Retina" by Santiago Ramon y Cajal (multifarious name, multi-talented guy):

Beautiful, isn't it?

I've been investigating some techniques and I think some stitches from this excellent dictionary of stitches will be in order. I plan to use 28 count linen, couching for the axons and dendrites, satin stitch for the braces and maybe the bases of the rods, and appliqué for the various nuclei.

I know I have some extremely craft-talented readers and I'm hoping I'll get some very useful advice. Know any better techniques? Have some thread/fabric I can have? Already turned this beautiful diagram into your own work of art? Let me know, please!


Anonymous said...

One could recommend a French Knot for something - besides a hair style.

Auntie Em said...

I'd forgotten those - the centres of all those Lazy Dasies I made in craft at school! They'd be great for the nuclei of the bipolar cells (f and g). Cheers!

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