Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It should be Band...

or, I'm down but not out.

I've spent the best part of the last fortnight walking like this:

Anyone following my runs on my little Nike+ widget down there and to the right would have noticed a worrying drop off in my activity of late. I've had a nasty flare up of my illotibial band - which I didn't know I had - due to a sudden ramping up of my training distance (blame the joker who thought it would be helpful to tell me that getting past 13 miles is a huge psychological burden, or blame me for jumping straight up to 16.5)

With some very boring cycling, some swimming and pilates and a couple of very painful massages I'm starting to get back on my feet and still aim to do the Milton Keynes Half this weekend. It's funny how 13.1 miles doesn't seem at all daunting anymore (I've run 14 with a nasty injury, and in a none too shabby time too!). I'll post next week to say whether my hubris was short lived!

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