Thursday, April 13, 2006

Xenu is my homeboy...

At the risk of being declared a Supressive Person by the CoS[1], I want to share the love for the new man in my life: the all powerful, all thetan torching Xenu. Wrongfully imprisioned for attempting to deal with overpopulation in his home galaxy, he is now considered hateful by at least one quasi-religion (or at least by the members that shelled out at least 300,000 clams [2] to find out who Xenu and the Thetans are). The First Chirch of Xenu lets you know for free.

And if you aren't entirely sure why this whole Xenu thing is funny, have a listen to the man who invented, sorry discovered, the truth about Xenu here. To be fair - I think the original is slightly funnier than the parody - provided one hasn't paid £200,000 quid to find it out!

[1]Capitalist Organisation of Scammers - why who else would I mean..?
[2]If your jaw hurts right now - this may be why.

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