Friday, September 10, 2004

Fame at last

So Tabby-Looking Cat (Dynamic duo Spud and myself, stage persona:"Marv") Played our debut a few weeks ago at the deliciously decadent and prettily pretentious Salon Pachyderm (which also featured the music of Padama, the literature of the polyvalent Ms Kathleen Kiirik Bryson and a film by the spectacular Dr Stumpf

Well now we go "pro". The funky Downbeat Nick has touched us and touched us good! October the 10th sees us support Zeff & Sulk, for a night of all original acoustic indie. Come cheer us on: If you don't like the music, the beer's great!

Two new choons - both festive in nature (quite a departure from the band who brought you such feelgood favourites as "Masochistic Me" and "Second Skin") - will get their global debut too. A momentous occasion all around!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what acoustic indie is but can I come :-) That is, if people who like Dolly Parton are allowed in! I promise to only throw flowers;-) NC

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